Summertime Adventures, GoPro or Go Home

As I finish up with my school work I am set to embark on new travels and adventures through Europe this summer with my one of my best friends, Elyssa. We will be going to Berlin, Prague, Munich, Valenica, and Barcelona! Although I have a nice camera, I rarely travel with it because it is heavy and has tourist written all over it. I have been shopping around for a travel camera and I have settled on getting a GoPro to capture all my adventures.

My final blog post assignment was to critique an organization’s digital engagement strategy. In lieu of my new adventures and exciting new purchase, I chose GoPro.

GoPro is best known for their video cameras that capture raw adventures whether that is jumping off cliffs, dog-surfing cats, or rockets being launched into space. I am sure you’ve seen a GoPro video or picture because they go viral online all the time.

The reason we get to see all this awesome content has little to do with GoPro and a lot to do with their digital engagement strategy.

They have one of the best engagement strategies online because:

  1. UGC
  2. They know social media
  3. Stay true to their brand

UGC- User Generated Content.

Without using fancy marketing terms, UGC stands for user generated content. This is how GoPro receives all of their pictures, videos, and clips.

GoPro Awards

What marketing geniuses. Instead of having to create the content for their online sites, they literally put their marketing and online engagement content production in the hands of their consumers. GoPro does not directly promote their products. They promote what the camera does and the content that the different models create i.e. photos, videos, and edited versions. By harnessing the power of UGC, Go Pro is empowering their users by encouraging them to share content and in turn boosting their brand. Not only is user-generated content great to share on social media, it is showing the product in action.

They know social media

GoPro has one of the best digital engagement strategies out there. Across all online platforms, GoPro has a big online presence.

To date GoPro has 3,904,200 subscribers on YouTube, 1.52 million Twitter followers, 9,574,157 page likes on Facebook and 8.8 million followers on Instagram. They are no social media newbs.

They keep users and followers engaged all the time with daily contests on Instagram like #photooftheday and different contests every month for different GoPro products like #HEROsessionchallenge. GoPro also keeps the action going with weekly Youtube Videos.

On May 4th GoPro posted this Photo of the Day:

May the 4th

Stay true to their brand

The cool thing about all of GoPro’s digital content is that stays true to their brand. Across all platforms, the messages are the same even though the content is different.

Some of GoPro’s brand taglines are:

“GoPro makes the world’s most versatile cameras”

“Be a hero. GoPro”

“Capture + Share Your World”

Across all of their digital media, they showcase these three things.

All of the content they show is really versatile, from surfing to skateboarding kids to saving kittens. GoPro is always showing adventurous content, they aren’t posting pictures of people taking selfies on the couch.

Finally, they practice what they preach. Capture and share your world. The way GoPro uses their user generated content is golden. They embody what it means to have a digital engagement strategy that makes the product that sell itself.

But in my opinion, what it comes down to is GoPro’s strategy and digital content is really good at storytelling.  People like and relate to these adventures so they sell more product and then GoPro gives their consumers a platform to share their own stories.

For your enjoyment here are some of my favorite GoPro videos!

If I Was A Great White Shark

Frozen Kitten Lives

Hopefully my next travel blogs will have super awesome content with my new GoPro.

You go GoPro!

Thanks for your help: Ad Week, Social Media Today, Contently, Content Marketing Institute, and Southerly.



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